Claret Cruncher


Hook: Hayabusa 761 #10-14
Tail: Claret Cock Fibres
Rib: Gold wire
Body: UTC Wine Holographic Tinsel
Thorax: Peacock Herl Dyed Black
Hackle: Grizzy Hen Dyed Claret
Thread: Danvilles 6/0 Black

Crunchers are such simple and effective patterns. Variation on a Rob Denson pattern, a staple on stillwaters.

Petitjean Olive Emerger

Petitjean Olive Emerger

Hook: Tiemco TMC100BL
Body: Olive CDC
Thorax: Olive CDC/Olive Ice Dub
Thread: Danville 6/0 olive

I’ve wanted to have a go at some of Marc Petitjean’s CDC patterns as I’ve always admired their simplicity and the technique of dubbing CDC fibres is a new one for me. As Santa brought me a “Magic Tool”, thought I’d start having a go. Simple one first!

Dutch Courage (Fallon’s Angler)

Dutch Courage (Fallon’s Angler)

Hook: Partridge 15BN Klinkhammer size 16
Body: Yellow superfine dubbing
Thorax: Peacock herl
Hackle: Grizzly cock
Soft Hackle: English Partridge
Thread: Benecchi 12/0 Olive

Sometimes you see an pattern and wonder, will it work? This is one such, a pattern from Issue 10 of Fallon’s Angler after the anonymous author ‘Super Fly Guy’. The construction, with a combination of cock and soft hackle intrigued me and it certainly looks like it would make a decent enough mayfly emerger pattern.

Parachute Bibio Hopper


Hook: Partridge 15BN #14-18 (revised sizing)
Rib: Opal Mirage Tinsel
Body: Squirrel dyed black
Thorax: Starlite, red
Wing: Globrite Yarn #6
Hackle: Black cock saddle
Thread: Danvilles 6/0 black

Don’t tie many parachutes, which shows in the lack of neatness to the hackle. On the other hand, hoppers are a hugely successful pattern and the use of a fluorescent wing makes them just that bit more visible in failing light.